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Skepticism in All Things

Over the past week or so, many skeptics online have probably seen the Telegraph UK’s report on the new film Creation, which is a biographical account of Charles Darwin’s life and, specifically, his crisis of … Read more →

Science and Love of the Natural World

This is a combination of two posts written by Jonathan Weyer, a SkeptiCamp 2009 presenter, for his blog The Thomas Society. With his permission, I’m reposting them here for the audience. Please visit Jonathan’s … Read more →

TAM7 and the Skeptic Community

As many of you know, I recently took a bit of a last-minute opportunity to dash off to Las Vegas and attend The Amazing Meeting 7, the annual conference of the James Randi Educational Foundation. … Read more →

SkeptiCamp Ohio Registration Open

Visit our new website for SkeptiCamp Ohio and register for free to attend the event, which takes place on May 2, 2009. You can also see the evolving list of planned sessions.

A Very Skeptical Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Fish, a journalist who currently writes for and who has his own blog on skeptic topics, World of Weird Things. Since he also happens to be … Read more →

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